Glass Ornaments
Beautiful for holiday decorating or as small suncatchers. 3.5" x 1/8" thick, beveled front.
Fine Porcelain Ornaments
• 3 Different Styles Star - Heart - Round

FRP Ornaments
For a more economical, lightweight, and less fragile solution, choose our FRP Ornaments.  FRP ornaments are printable on both sides, leaving room for a message on one side and a photo on the other.
Ornaments are the perfect gift for any friend, co-worker or relative... 
*Party favors that capture a special achievement or moment in time.
*Commemorate each holiday season with a new, personalized ornament.
* Hang one from a car mirror all year long.

Choice of glass, porcelain or FRP (plastic stock) ornaments.
Stands sold seperately
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